X-Ball® RED
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X-Ball® RED

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Designed by Roger von Oech as a companion product to the award-winning Ball of Whacks®, the innovative X-Ball presents a playful new way to stimulate creativity.

It consists of 30 magnetic X-shaped pieces that click together to form a skeletal icosidodecahedron – Leonardo da Vinci's favorite shape.

The uniquely angled geometry of the X-shaped pieces allows users to invent their own shapes and designs.

The X-Ball comes with an illustrated 96-page creativity guidebook that offers lots of ideas for other fun shapes and creative applications for the X-Ball.

Bonus: X-Ball pieces can also be used with the Ball of Whacks pieces.

For ages 8 and up.

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Weight 0.62 lbs
Creator Roger von Oech
ISBN # 978-0911121-06-3

Product Reviews

This toy is fun to play with, has a lot of neat shapes you can make, and is a fantastic ‘snack-sized’ diversion. Everyone here loves it.

— Neil, CA

Beyond a cool geometric orb, combine the X magnetic toy pieces in endless ways to form amazing designs.

—Fat Brain Toys