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Although the Ball of Whacks is not directly affected by the recent recalls of toys manufactured in China, Creative Whack Company would like to respond to these concerns and to clarify several safety issues for our customers and retailers.

From the very beginning, our goal with the Ball of Whacks has been to provide the user with a creativity product that is not only amusing and mentally stimulating, but also safe. These criteria have been our top priorities in the design and manufacture of this product. Because of the inherent potential dangers any magnetic product presents with small children, we have proactively issued clear warnings on the Ball of Whacks stating that it is not intended for children under the age of 14. The Ball should be kept away from small children and pacemakers.

There has been a great deal of concern in response to reports of magnets coming loose from toys and products manufactured by other companies. This can cause a safety issue especially for small children who might ingest more than one magnet. Incidents of magnets coming loose typically happen in products in which the magnets are exposed, i.e., not covered by plastic. All 180 magnets in the Ball of Whacks are encased in plastic and are ultrasonically welded inside each piece for safety under normal use. Each completed product is inspected not only during the assembly process, but also before packing. Although we have gone to great lengths to create a safe product, any plastic item incurs risks of breakage when exposed to extreme distress, such as being thrown or hit.

The second concern about toys and other products manufactured in China relates to the use of lead paint. The issue pertains to toys that have been painted in factories where lead has been used. The Ball of Whack’s colorful pieces are constructed entirely of standard ABS plastic. ABS is a very common and safe material used in many of our everyday household products ranging from mobile phones to toothbrushes and ballpoint pens. The plastic is colored with standard pigments that conform to all safety regulations. Our manufacturer, Intex, uses the same molding process that companies such as Lego use to make their products. No lead paint is used by Intex, who was selected to manufacture the Ball for Whacks because of its record of quality and safety.

Roger von Oech, who created and designed the Ball of Whacks, personally inspected the Intex manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China to emphasize the importance of safety in this new product. Roger is confident about the factory site and the production process. “ I was impressed with what I saw there. Intex (head-quartered in Hong Kong) is a good manufacturing partner, and I'm proud to be associated with them.” He invites Creative Whack Company customers to read the report on his visit.

The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial in August of 2007 stating that shoddy manufacturing (especially in magnet products) can happen in products made anywhere, not just China. They go on to correctly point out that the vital issue in the safety of a product is its design. After careful review, the United States Patent Office placed its confidence in the Creative Whack Company, issuing a patent in July 2007, for the unique design of Ball of Whacks.

Creative Whack Company has followed the highest standards to ensure the safe design and manufacture of the Ball of Whacks because we care deeply about quality and safety. Creating a premium product like Ball of Whacks takes more time to manufacture and assemble. Each Ball is assembled by hand and inspected. The higher price tag for Ball of Whacks reflects the carefully monitored manufacturing process and quality components used. As a result, the product you receive is not only well designed, but also fun and safe.

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To our customers and distributors:

Creative Whack Co. is in full compliance with all new CPSIA regulations concerning lead and magnets in products intended for children under 14.

The following is the warning label that is present on all Creative Whack magnetic products:

WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE. Keep away from younger children, pets, and pacemakers. This product contains rare earth magnets that can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Great care is taken during the production process to securely seal the magnets inside each pyramid by means of ultrasonic welding. However, this product is not intended to be thrown or otherwise abused. Use only as described in the accompanying book. If plastic pyramids become damaged, dispose of product properly.

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