BiG Ball of Whacks SIX-COLORS
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BiG Ball of Whacks SIX-COLORS

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The Big Ball of Whacks introduces several exciting new design features. Bigger than the original, award-winning Ball of Whacks, it has 192 rare earth magnets inside so it looks and feels hefty in your hand! The 36 magnetic design pieces include two entirely new pyramid-shaped elements. There are 24 Whack pieces, six Half-Whack pieces, and six flat Whack pieces. This complex structure presents a greater challenge in reconstructing the Ball shape. It also opens up far more hands-on creative options as you design your own shapes. Includes 96-page Guidebook
The Big Ball Of Whacks is also available as a multi-color version, which makes an intriguing brainteaser puzzle.
Also available in red
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Weight 0.87 lbs
Creator Roger von Oech
ISBN # 978-0-911121-18-6